This is a list of things that I use, useful websites, online tools, articles, etc.

In other words, my link hoard.

Note: Even tough I list someones' website here doesn't mean that I 100% agree with their political/social/economic/life-style views.

What I Generally Use

FreeDOS | Open-Source MS-DOS compatible OS that I play with in my EeeBox PC

Freetube | FOSS desktop Youtube client

Ghostwriter | Simple Markdown Editor that I use to write my blog posts and export to a HTML file.

Inkscape | Vector-based image editor that I've used to create most of the website's graphics.


Build Your Own Text Editor by Paige

As I have read: "a good little project to do in the weekend", and also to get a feet on coding in C.

Graphic Design

Logos by Nick

Graphic Design Tutorials for GIMP and Inkscape.


This is a motherfucking website.

A great satire webpage and also a great lesson on website simplicity.


Eric Murphy

Linux and Web Development

Luke Smith's Webpage

Luke Smith is a well known person in the Linux Community, he has some good takes on tech related topics and his videos about HTML were my very first introduction on the subject.


The website for getting Windows ISOs and the famous Windows Activation Script by massgravel.


Dig Deeper

Talks about software privacy and some other tech related topics, may look a little schizo for some people but it has a lot of good content to go trough.

Spyware Watchdog

Articles about telemetry/spyware in common softwares (mostly web browsers) with some mitigation guides.

Xianc78's Personal Website

Articles regarding mostly about crypto, tech, coding and politics.


Posts about tech, privacy and other things. Controversial? Some people think but I don't.


Easy Linux Tips Project

A website full of good tips for beginner and advanced Linux users.

Retro Websites

Baloo's Revue

Basically the website that inspired me to move to Neocities and give up on Wordpress. Found it when I was searching for some XFCE retro ricing. Very cool to go into this retro niche of things and have a really nice Retro GUI Guide for those that are interested.

Cameron's World | 90's web overload

Gifcities | Gif gallery, I've used some of these in the website!

The Old Net | Retro stuff

Winamp Skin Museum | (compatible with Audacious)


Krystal Archive

I found this site when I was searching a 3D model from Krystal to rig for THUG2. Cool little site even tough I don't know shit about Star Fox, I only like the characters. I am not a furry I swear